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Ideal for professionals, quality-focused companies, professional brands, small businesses, entrepreneurs, one-person, and home businesses and startups.


100% SSD & Litespeed server to ensure quality speeds and optimal performance.


SSDs are fast, but V-NAND 3D SSDs take things to a whole new level!

Free SSL

SSL - All our hosting accounts are equipped with FREE Let’s Encrypt SSLs.


All PAS hosting accounts are equipped with your own private cPanel.

Top Features

Stress Free Hosting Packages With All The Functions & Features You Need

Do you often feel overwhelmed and confused about which hosting package to pick?
Some hosting packages comes with a lot of features, (or so it seems) and you pay more, while others have near to none. But how do you choose and known which features are the best for you? 

Web Hosting Packages Made Easy

At PAS Hosting, you don’t have to worry about which features would be best. All of our PAS Hosting accounts comes with all the features and infrastructure listed below, even our Managed WordPress Hosting packages.

At PAS Hosting, our hosting packages are simply differentiated by the amount of domains, free webmail accounts, webspace, and bandwidth usage that you need per month. Start with the first package option, and upgrade as you need more va va voom!

Managed WordPress Hosting includes additional benefits, such as us helping you manage your hosting account, and the free upload and formatting of a blog to your website (or project / product / portfolio item) for FREE, each month (worth over $3,600 p/year).

Private cPanel

Your PAS Hosting account is equipped with your very own private cPanel, even our Managed WordPress Hosting packages. This ensures you always have access and full-control over your hosting account.

V-NAND 3D SSD Drives

SSDs are fast, but V-NAND 3D SSDs take things to a whole new level! We don't use second-rate infrastructure, only real SSDs.

Litespeed Server

We use a Litespeed server to ensure fast website loading speeds and optimal performance. WordPress users can also benefit from easy to setup Litespeed cache for their website from their cPanel.

SEO Tools

Use the powerful Attracta SEO Toolset* to optimize your website content, links, posts, articles, PR, and more.

24/7 Premium Support

Contact us directly. We are here to assist when you need help.

Upgrade As You Grow

We understand your brand or business will scale with time. We are here to support you during upgrades and migration.

Free SSL

We don't charge extra for this! Let’s Encrypt SSLs are available for FREE, and can quickly and easily be installed on your website.

Backup & Quick Restore

Restore your website if anything goes wrong. JetBackup is available to help you quickly & easily restore your website.

Latest PHP

All our hosting plans feature multiple PHP versions, and we regularly update to bring you the latest version.

DDOS Protection

The safety and security of your website(s) is important to us. We use DDOS Protection to help safeguard the server and network.

Softaclous Auto-Installer

With Softaclous auto-installer available fore free, it is now more than easy and quick to install the script (such as WordPress, Magenta) that you need. 451 scripts via Softaclous available

Cloudlinux OS

Based on the CentOS operating System, Cloudlinux OS ensures fine grained control over the server that ensures the troubles of another user does not effect the performance of your website.

100% SSD Server

To ensure quality speeds and optimal performance, we do not use outdated HHD drives, only pure SSD drives.

14-Day Money Back Guarentee

Not satisfied? 14-day money back guarantee

Responsive Website Design

If you prefer direct website building, use our SitePro and SitePad drag & drop page builders.

Design Your Website In Realtime

Tired of hosting where the server crashes every 5-minutes or you run out of bandwidth because your 'unlimited / uncapped' hosting account can't facilitate live production?

Frustrated? We know how you feel.

With PAS Hosting you can directly build your website online with our fast and responsive Litespeed server.
Hey! We use it everyday ourselves to build our clients' websites!

SSD Type

Real NVMe SSD - We regularly upgrade

WordPress Optimized

Yes, with Litespeed server and Litespeed Cache


Available - Signup for your free cloudflare account, and use our Cloudflare model in cPanel to implement

Hack Protection

CageFS Hack Protection


99% proven uptime

USA Server

Private server in USA


Premium PRO


Service Level

Review Rating

98% Positive Client Feedback

Premium Quality Hosting

Why Choose Us?

We focus on delivering premium quality, web hosting services (both managed and self-managed) that adheres to our values of quality, professionalism, fast speeds, ease of use, top-class functionality, and user benefits.

Get all the functionality you need in any of our hosting accounts, and upgrade as you need more bandwidth, webspace or free webmail accounts.


Hosting Packages:

Web Hosting
Managed WordPress Hosting


$96 Annually

$ 8
  • 1 Domain
  • 5 GB
  • 5 Email


$155.28 Annually

$ 12 94
  • 3 Domain
  • 20 GB
  • 20 Email


$226.32 Annually

$ 18 86
  • 5 Domain
  • 30 GB
  • 50 Email


No Limit: You can create as many as you need or require.
N/A: Not Applicable
X – Not Included
: Included
* : Terms & Conditions Apply

Web Hosting

Your Own cPanel

Full control over your cPanel and hosting account With Lots of Free Tools, Free Webmail & SSL

We understand how important fast loading website speeds, SEO tools, security, and control over your website design and functions are to you as a business owner, professional, or quality brand.

PAS Web Hosting Packages are equipped with your own cPanel so that you can manage your websites your way; anytime and from anywhere in the world. 

Enjoy the perks of our Litespeed Cloudlinux OS Server, and Softaclouse with over 451 scripts. DDOS Protection, FREE SSL, Backup & Quick Restore, the latest PHP, 100% V-NAND 3D SSD Servers, and private cPanel. (Among many more.)

See list of Top Features above.

WordPress Hosting

Management & Monthly Perks Included

Stress Free - Real-Time Managed WP Hosting For Busy Bodies With Free Webmail & SSL

Take the stress out of hosting with an PAS Managed WordPress Hosting account. We keep your website(s) up to date while you focus on what matters most to you, such as running your business.

PAS Managed WordPress Hosting is perfect for busy, time-capped and/or inexperienced website owners who are entrepreneurs, solo-entrepreneurs, small-businesses, luxury brands, hotels, spa’s, professionals, freelancers, digital nomads, remotes, location independents, or startups.  

The PAS Managed WordPress Hosting package also feature your own cPanel so that you can still take control of your own website through cPanel and File Manager.

BONUS: Once a month, fee upload and format of your blog (or project, or product, or portfolio item) to your WordPress website. Simply send us your text and photos every month.

Reviews & Testimonials


Good experience so far with very fast website load

I've been with MBS Hosting (now PAS Hosting) for a couple months now. Very good customer service and support, and my website has never had any downtime.The managed wordpress hosting they have is superb. I like that I can send them a blog a month and they upload and format it for me , saves me the time to hire or pay someone to do the CMS work. The other stuff in the cpanel is also good, like attracta tools. Wht I like the most though is my website loads super faster, even without litespeed. Under 2 sec.

Excellent hosting experience

I've been with MBS hosting (now PAS Hosting) for a couple months now, and have never had any issues. I have the Premium hosting package of $8 p/month. Unlike other hosts I've tried. The customer service is always excellent, and they helped me every time within a couple minutes. I like that the hosting has so much functions. there is a quick module in cPanel to install your Let's Encrypt SSL without having to go and find the code. You just click and in installs. I also like the litespeed drop-in for my attracta tools. The hosting is super fast. I'm able to build my WP website online without any issues.
Clara F.

Best aspect is super fast and I can edit wordpress frontend live

The one thing I like the best about their hosting is the fast way my website now is. with my pervious provider i could not edit live. since i switch to mbs hosting (now PAS Hosting) i can edit my wordpess website every day as i need on the frontend without issue. the bandwith is good, and my website is load fast under 2-3 seconds. I don't use litespeed yet, so i guess if i add litespeed gonna be even faster. Thank you for good hosting. Support is excellent to, and very personalized

PAS hosting T&C

Fine Print

At PAS Hosting we believe to be upfront about what is included in our hosting packages and what is not. Please read through our T&Cs and Privacy Policy to understand more about our policy on resource fair usage, community safety, security, inotes and account misuse.

MBS Hosting Terms of Service (Terms and Conditions)
MBS Hosting Shared Resources Fair Usage Policy
MBS Hosting Privacy Policy
MBS Hosting Values and Code of Ethics
MBS Managed WordPress Hosting Terms of Service (Terms and Conditions)
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